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Why living out loud?

Living Out Loud is dedicated to empowering writers to share their diverse and individual voices with the world.

  • We encourage different perspectives, fiery courage, and diversity
  • Celebrate fresh and original voices
  • Strive to create a safe, supportive and loving community of writers and readers
  • Actively promote your work on Social Media.
  • Work closely with you in bringing your best to your articles
  • We want to hear what you’ve got to say, and our readers can’t wait to get their eyes on your work!

Plus, we have Medium’s one-of-a-kind, aminated firecracker, sexy Lexi working behind the scenes helping to bring an added spark to the Living Out Loud community.

Lexi’s Guidelines


We publish a wide variety of content here. So long as that is the story rooted in real-world knowledge or experience, provides meaningful advice while offering an original take on an important issue, or shares new insights or perspectives beyond conventional wisdom — we are interested.

Here’s a bit more:

1) We’re looking for well-developed stories with a solid structure and a clear point or resolution.

Does your piece provide a cool scope on Living Out Loud?

Does it showcase your unique life experiences?

2) Make sure you edit and revise thoroughly before sending us your draft. This should be semi-obvious, but if you send us what is obviously a first or second draft — meaning there are typos, grammatical mistakes, or a general lack of structure or purpose — we will send it back.

Please note: We may revise the title or change the feature image to fit our editorial guidelines better.

3) The purpose of your piece cannot be to spread hate, disparage, elicit outrage, or otherwise cause harm. We are not in the business of censoring art, but we won’t provide a platform for writers whose work is clearly malicious or intent on drawing negative attention.

4) Use appropriate tags that designate genre content.

5) Source credit your beautiful image beneath your image.

If you’re looking for additional guidance, we recommend reviewing Medium’s curation guidelines and rules.

Lexi’s Fiction and Poetry Guidelines

Flash Fiction

Here’s the thing: We are writers, and we love stories. So we want to publish and showcase your flash fiction.

We want well-crafted fiction with a discernible plot and a solid story arc. Give us characters we care about, compelling conflict/tension, and a strong, satisfying resolution.


Well-constructed poetry reveals emotional depth. It shows us something without telling. So say more with less and write from your heart and soul. Be magical. Be inventive. Be inspiring.

Thank you for choosing to work with us. Let’s bring something great to the world together!


Living Out Loud